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Iceland, Once & Friendship...

I've spent a lot of time thinking about my summer break. I have pretty much landed on going to Iceland, as it's really a country I've been wanting to see forever. I'm thinking of maybe go horse riding while I'm there, and am looking into the details about it. I feel a strong need for something a bit more "adventurous", something different.

Last night I saw the film "Once" again for the third or fourth time. It's among my favourite films, but it always makes me "homesick" for Dublin. I want to see psychostorm again! I've been trying to remember how long we've known eachother, and I think it must be about ten years. She's such a lovely person, and we connect on a special level that's hard to explain. Just one of those people you feel a special bounding with, if you understand what I mean?

I'm having a CouchSurfer here this week end. She's an Austrian who lives in Vadsø, and I like her.

Right - I'm getting hungry! I think it's time to make some breakfast!