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Updated 50 things list.

Here's my adjusted list...

50 things to do in two years - 1 June 2011 to 1 June 2013.

01. Visit a city I've never been to before.
02. Visit a country I haven't been to before.
03. Meet an online friend I haven't met before.
04. Teach bellydancing.
05. Attend a bellydance festival.
06. Eat just raw food for one day.
07. Eat just vegan for one week.
08. Dance in public.
09. Read 100 books. (63/100)
10. Watch 100 films. (38/100)
11. Sell some stuff.
12. Attend at least 3 bellydance workshops/set of classes, not held at a festival. (1/3)
13. Read 15 bookcrossing books. (3/15)
14. Post at least 15 view photos in LJ. (3/15)
15. Try at least 5 new dinner recipes from cookbooks.
16. Do yoga every day for a week.
17. Go to Dublin Pride.
18. Not eat sugar for a week.
19. Not eat sweets of any kind for two weeks.
20. Get fitter.
21. Not do any shopping at all for a week.
22. Get a new haircut.
23. Practice bellydancing every day for one week.
24. Meet up with bookcrossers in Dublin.
25. Visit Tate Gallery in London.
26. Go to Oslo pride again.
27. Visit a place in Finnmark I haven't been to before.
28. Watch seson 1 of Sherlock.
29. Watch season 1 of Dexter.
30. Watch the complete series of Dollhouse.
31. Write and post at least 100 postcrossing cards. (84/100)
32. Put at least 1000 NOK into savings each month. (24 000 NOK)
33. Get curtains for kitchen - one way or other.
34. Read the rest of the books of The Walking Dead series.
35. Host at least 3 Couch Surfers.
36. Eat or taste a vegetable or fruit I haven't tasted before.
37. Go out at least 3 times.
38. Learn a new song by heart.
39. Watch at least 5 film classics. (1/5)
40. Go for a walk that lasts for at least 4 hours.
41. Do a train travel that lasts for at least five hours.
42. Re-read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.
43. Not speak a word for a whole day.
44. Give a donation for a charity of my own choice (not DOOA). (Red Cross)
45. Donate at least 50 NOK each month to the cat house (DOOA).
46. Watch at least 10 new horror films. (5/10)
47. Write an article and try to get it published.
48. Write a poem and post it in my Norwegian blog.
49. Visit a public library in London.
50. Visit a public library in Glasgow.