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Easter break in England

I got back from England really late Friday night. It was probably around 1:30 when I stepped in the door here in Sandnes, and I have no idea what time I managed to drag myself to bed the next morning. Saturday was pretty much spent in a tired coma and having the Post England Blues. I miss it already!

I arrived Monday night, checked into the hotel, went out for a snack, and to say hello to Paddington Bear at Paddington Rail Station before heading back to the hotel.

Tuesday morning I got up really early to catch the 9 o'clock train to Norwich, where I met up with my friend DrawTreep. We didn't do a whole lot, but we did watch Puss in Boots, and we went to a pub near the station, where I had a rather late lunch and chatted, and all of a sudden it was time for me to go back to London. It's strange how time just flies.

I started Wednesday by meeting up with pogodragon for lunch (or breakfast for me), and a lovely walk in Regent's Park. There were many cool birds, and I even got to see parrots. Yes, real life, wild flying parrots in the trees of London! I was much amused, and would never have known, hadn't she pointed it out to me.

Originally I had planned to go to the Sherlock Holmes Museum after that, but as the queue was huge, and it was very crowded, I decided not to. I popped by the shop, but didn't spend much time, as it was not very interesting. Instead, I headed to Camden, and walked around, looking at things and enjoyed the atmosphere. I even had tea at Yumchaa, which was a win, as I love their tea. Next stop was Charing Cross Road with all the book shops. I had no plans of buying books, but it's fun to have a look around. I also went to Picadilly Circus, for a stop at Whaterstones, with its five floors of books. They also have very nice chairs you can sink into at the end of a busy day...

My first plan for Thursday was to go for a walk in Kensington Gardens, which was very nice. I saw the Elfin Oak and the Peter Pan statue, and was in general quite pleased. I then walked through Hyde Park, before I headed to Forbidden Planet. Forbidden Planet is indeed a nice place, and it was very busy.

In the afternoon I headed to Burnham to meet up with nniaa for dinner at the Tummies Bistro. It was a lovely place with customers' drawings all over the ceiling and on the walls. The food was excellent too, and it was nice to see nniaa again.

Friday was my last day in England, so after I had breakfast, I headed to the Victoria & Albert Museum, one of my favourite museums in London. I spent four hours there, and I still didn't manage to see everything! Since I had decided not to travel by tube that day, I ended up using quite a bit of time walking. So, from V&A I tried to get to Victoria station, which due to me not knowing exactly where to go, took more time that I thought it would. I did, however, stop for lunch on my way, and had it at a nice pub not very far from Victoria. From there it didn't take me long to get there. From there I took the train to Gatwick, before flying back to Norway.

I miss England already, and never seem to have enough time when I'm over. Fortunately, I now live somewhat closer to London, and it's easier to get there, so I hope to get back in not too long.