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The Hair Project

Right. So, I have decided I want to try to grow my hair long. As in... LONG. If I can manage, all the way to my hips. At the moment it's about shoulder length.

I'm going to continue to henna my hair. I'm comfortable with having read hair. But I really should give it a trim soon. I've had my hair cut by my friend L for the last 6+ years, he's both an excellent hair dresser and knows me well. Only problem is, he lives in Oslo. Finding a hair dresser here is very scary!

Right... Off to put my henna mix into the hair, then I need to read.



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Oct. 7th, 2012 09:57 am (UTC)
Thank you! :)

I have actually been thinking of trying out the no-poo thing, but neet to figure out out how I'd like to do it. I currently use a mild shampoo (I don't use anything sentenced), and rarely conditions my hair at all. When I do, I use one from Lush, but the smell bothers me a bit...

I pretty much never style my hair, not do I blow dry it. When I washed it, I just leave it to dry. My hair dresser always compliment me on how healthy my hair is, even though it hasn't been cut at all for months. :)
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