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I love poetry, and have for as long as I can remember. I grew up with rhymes and poetry by André Bjerke and Inger Hagerup, who wrote poetry for children. The kind of poetry you can even enjoy as a grown up.

One of my favourite pets is Olav H. Hauge, a fairly well known poet in Norway. He has this poem called "Tåre du tarv ikkje falla" (the Norwegian folk rock band Valkyrian Allstars has made music for it, and it's on Spotify).

"Tåre du tarv ikkje falla" - Olav H. Hauge

Det var lite for deg
men mykje for meg:
Eit smil då det gjaldt
og eit handtrykk var alt.

du tarv ikkje falla,
eg veit du er salt.

Here's my go at a translation:

It was such a little thing for you
but meant so much for me:
A smile when it counted
and a handshake were all.

you don't need to fall,
I know you are salty.

I think it is such a beautiful poem, and it's not very hard to understand. How something can seem small for you can mean so much for others.